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How to Heal and Not have the Coronavirus

Hi, I’m writing to tell you, that I’m a Vegan, Fruit, Vegetable, and Water, Person. And, I was inviting you to be a Vegan, Fruit, Vegetable, and Water, Person also. A New Food People. I eat fruits and vegetables all new, I don’t eat the seeds of them, not cooked, and I drink water. I eat only from the plants and trees, of the land, earth, world, and planet, of the universe.

I like to eat all of my foods, of the gardens and farms, new the way that they are made solid, still, quiet, kind, with the soil, rain water, air wind, sunlight, and moonlight, all natural. My favorite fruit is the grapefruit, I like avocados for vegetables. They are nice to eat, all new garden and farm foods. I like it nice like that. And, I planted a garden and farm, in the yard.

If I ate cooked foods, they are vegan, with no animal’s meat, or animal’s milk, or animal’s milk foods, in them. I don’t eat any animal meat of: cow, chicken, egg, turkey, bee honey, pig, fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, oyster, lamb, deer, or other animals. I don’t drink or eat any animal dairy milk from cow, or goat, of: milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, ranch, or whey. I don’t wear any animal skins of: leather, feathers, fur, imitation fur, or wool: pants, shirts, skirts, vests, belts, shoes, coats, wallets, purses, sofas, chairs, rugs, pillows, blankets, cars, trucks, motorcycle, or boat seats. I used to, yet not any more. I wear cotton, linen, fleece, velvet, and vinyl, clothes and shoes. I was thinking that this information, might save my life, might save your life, or that might save the life of the animals, and make your life nicer, and make your life, more garden and farm friendly, for our life here on earth.

Now that I know this, and do this, what could I do to make it better? Share that with you. This is a Spiritual way of living, and being on earth for life. And I was thinking, could you do the same, with all of this health information? I know this will be nice for me, for you, for us, and for the world. This book is inspirational about not eating cooked foods, animals, and eating new foods.